Tire Treds is your #1 Northern California Performance and Alignment Shop!

Have a weird wobble? Feel as though your car isn't driving straight? Pulling to one side of the road? Or maybe your steering wheel may not be straight? Making odd noises during turns or when making a u-turn?

While these are many of the symptoms of a bad alignment, many times your issues are so subtle they may be hard to diagnose. Symptoms or not, misalignment can really do some damage to your tires by prematurely wearing them out.

This is when the pros at Treds Alignments are needed, with over 35 years of professional alignments and installs by our ASE certified mechanics. At Treds Alignments,  we can verify the condition of your  steering and suspension components to set your alignment angles to manufacturer’s specifications and keep you driving right.

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Copyright 2012-2013. All Rights Reserved. tiretreds.com